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Business Discussion Competition

I was watching CNN a few days ago when this struck me. With there being so many business issues, the idea of student paneling with other students evenly divided in opinions would be both interesting and promising.

At region it would begin with an essay on three listed business issues or maybe just one. The essays are graded based on ideas, explaination, and persuasiveness. The placing pro essay and placing con essay would move on to state.

The next level would take place at state. Students would be put in 2-4 discussion boards to discuss the issue.Every point made and every solid explanation gives a student more points; lack of business etiquette takes points away. Although they are evenly divided between affirmative and negative they are out to get their own points.

They will be graded on ideas, use of facts, explainations, ability to build interest, business etiquette, and cooperation.

In the final roud their will be one panel with the top scoring and each student will recieve their final score. The highest affirmative and negative score will procede to nationals.



Any questions, comments, or ammendments would be great.



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