FBLA Business Co-op Program with Cooperating Businesses

This club is for FUTURE business leaders, right? Most of the members are high schoolers who are interested in a business-related occupation. FBLA has many sponsors. So, what if FBLA can team up with their business sponsors to provide summer internship/job-shadowing for their FBLA members so they can overlook the careers they might want to pursue. That way, FBLA members can have some experience in the career before college, and can have a better shot at getting the job they are interested in when they are older.


This summer training program should be available in all states, so everyone gets the opportunity to learn. For example, FBLA-PBL could team up with Microsoft to offer a free internship for FBLA members interested in pursing the technology field. Or maybe team up with a bank to offer a free job-shadowing for members interested in accounting. And if the program becomes more popular, internships could also offer participants money to help them fund college. Think of it like a FBLA Business Co-op program.



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