How do we get all PBL members paid for?

One of the real challenges that we are facing is that local chapters are more frequently underreporting membership and underpaying dues. They wait until they determine who is going to participate in a conference, for instance, and then pay dues only for those members. One of the real issues here is that there is essentially no effective method for detecting, or enforcing, the "pay for everyone" rule ... and there is no real consequence for cheating the system. While we'd like to think that ethics would be enough of a motivator, there is increasing evidence that this practice is becoming more and more common.


One potential "solution" might be to allow individual PBL members the ability to create their own "membership account," which would allow them to pay directly for their membership, conference registration, etc. Obviously, they would still need to be able to link themselves to a chapter as well. This would link the payment/affiliation processes and increase the likelihood that all members would pay dues appropriately.


The longer term solution is that we, as an association, need to have a dialogue about increasing "nationally delivered value." The hard truth is that for the vast majority (well north of 90%) of members receive (or at least perceive) no direct, measurable, benefit from the national association. Not many more can point to hard benefits from the state chapters either. Yet, for many, the majority of their cost of affiliation is associated with one or both of these levels. It's time to really tackle - in a meaningful way - the "what do I get for my dues" question.



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