NLC for noncompetitors

We should establish a program at NLC for noncompetitors where they can work with business professionals or even corporate executives in low ratios for career development/networking.


After IFL, the National Leadership Conference takes place, and a majority of the action is focused on competitions. However, of the quarter million FBLA members, only a few thousand can be recognized as a competitor. Of course, there are certification exams, workshops, and voting, but a good number of members aren't going to attend NLC just for that, especially if they are not competing.


The question comes down to this: why should people attend NLC if they are not competing?


Answers include that it is a great networking experience and the "ultimate FBLA experience". Yes, but personally, I think we can provide a far lot more. One idea that I think FBLA should look into for inspiration is the DECA Senior Management Institute + Executive Mentor Program at their "national" conference. Members, in this case seniors only, work with company executives in low ratios and get to participate in a whole different environment for career development.


Of course, we should not completely COPY the program, but it is always good to look around for inspiration.


Information for the program I refer to can be found here:



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