Puerto Rico State Chapter (PLEASE READ THIS!!!)

I am a freshman (High School in PR starts in 10th grade) belonging to the Comercial Education Program of my school. FBLA is technically dead in my school. Most students in the Program don't even know what it is. And the teacher in charge doesn't orientate. I started investigating about the organization on my own and was suprised about the things the organization offers. I was kinda suprised to see PR in the chapter news in the winter issue, it's possible that only my school is like this. I have no idea how the NLC's work here, and I think they don't even exist. If they do, ┬┐how do they work due to our geographical location? Of course, I don't know exactly what the NLC's are. I beg of the organization to do something about this. Maybe do a presentation or recorded conference to orientate the teachers and students here. Puerto Rico must be recognized as a separate chapter. WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!



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