FBLA-PBL Storyboard

Every member of FBLA-PBL has a story. Members, Advisers, and many more use these stories as inspirational tools to push their students to do better. We should have a spot somewhere for people to write in about their story and how FBLA-PBL has helped them. These stories can also be used in recruitment tools and chapter activation tools. Boards love stories that hit close to home.


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How do we get all PBL members paid for?

One of the real challenges that we are facing is that local chapters are more frequently underreporting membership and underpaying dues. They wait until they determine who is going to participate in a conference, for instance, and then pay dues only for those members. One of the real issues here is that there is essentially no effective method for detecting, or enforcing, the "pay for everyone" rule ... and there... more »


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