Part of the draw of NFLC's is the host city. I have heard many requests to modify the NFLC model to take advantage of our host cities and incorporate more group outings, business tours, cultural events, etc. Think Junior Tours meets FBLA event. Our speakers would be real life entrepreneurs and our socials could be a Broadway Show or Night Tour of the city...


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Competitive Events


We all know how awesome our own states are (FBLA and/or PBL) but we may not know how awesome other states are. Let's celebrate them with a little friendly competition (beyond the traditional Competitive Events program). The "Best Of" could recgonize the top state websites, PR material, innovative program, BAA participants, etc. This could be an yearly or once-every-two years type of program. A task force of local advisers,... more »


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Email Blast List



I was wondering if its possible to make the field of email addresses when we sign up members a mandatory field. Not only will ALL the members be informed as the President and Regional VPs send their email blast, but State Presidents could also have access to them so that ALL the members are more informed about whats happening around in the state and national level!


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Competitive Events

Business Discussion Competition

I was watching CNN a few days ago when this struck me. With there being so many business issues, the idea of student paneling with other students evenly divided in opinions would be both interesting and promising. At region it would begin with an essay on three listed business issues or maybe just one. The essays are graded based on ideas, explaination, and persuasiveness. The placing pro essay and placing con essay... more »


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Business Achievement Awards

No Automatic Certificate

After completing the BAA's last year, it was hard when I was finishing up the America level. I finished my work, handed it in and received a certificate for completing the BAA's. Then after a few months, I noticed my name was not up on the America Level BAA's. Therefore, my adviser and I went back onto my America level BAA and noticed that it was incomplete due to doing certain tasks wrong. If I was to never recheck... more »


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Like a real Business

Ok, so we all have been apart of our local club, changed by our advisers. How many of us have felt like we didn't have a place in our local chapter? A lot of chapters have this feeling. My idea is that we have different committees throughout the chapter. I know that we already have some of these but sometimes they don't make the difference we need. In these committees we will have; President of the Committee, Vice... more »


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Competitive Events

Changing Ms./Mr. FBL Objective Test

After seeing the truth of this test, it is no wonder why no one passes it. The Ms./Mr. FBL Objective Test is a 100 question test filled with every competitive event, history, and parliamentary procedure.


Isn't FBLA about being able to lead others and having a start on your career though? I feel this test should be geared more on leadership, management, parliamentary procedure, and mainly FBLA knowledge.


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Competitive Events

Investments Objective Tests

With people now retiring later and later because of the lack of money, I believe a competitive event focusing on different types of investments could be a game changer for the "Future Business Leaders of America." The test can include investments vehicles from the lower risk bonds, money market accounts, and annuities, to the higher risk stocks, options, futures, and forex (Foreign Exchange). The way to grade the skills... more »


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