Opening Session Speaker

I just watched a video from the opening session in 2007. What happened!?!? I don't want to down any other speakers that FBLA may have, but this is the type of entertainment that our students want. Yes I do enjoy my share of real business people and inspirational stories, but why not have that mixed in with...well some of this. If this isn't enough business for you, there are enough workshops for anyone. See video below:... more »


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NLC Voting Reform

The voting process at the NLC is terrible (at least in the regional sessions). Voting in the "real world" does not consist of waiting for everyone else to show up. Voting in the real world is electronic, provided by kiosks. A majority always shows up on Election Day because it is widely known about and does not have a two-hour session of waiting for everyone to show up and all votes to be counted. This issue at the NLC... more »


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