Part of the draw of NFLC's is the host city. I have heard many requests to modify the NFLC model to take advantage of our host cities and incorporate more group outings, business tours, cultural events, etc. Think Junior Tours meets FBLA event. Our speakers would be real life entrepreneurs and our socials could be a Broadway Show or Night Tour of the city...


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Competitive Events


We all know how awesome our own states are (FBLA and/or PBL) but we may not know how awesome other states are. Let's celebrate them with a little friendly competition (beyond the traditional Competitive Events program). The "Best Of" could recgonize the top state websites, PR material, innovative program, BAA participants, etc. This could be an yearly or once-every-two years type of program. A task force of local advisers,... more »


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Email Blast List



I was wondering if its possible to make the field of email addresses when we sign up members a mandatory field. Not only will ALL the members be informed as the President and Regional VPs send their email blast, but State Presidents could also have access to them so that ALL the members are more informed about whats happening around in the state and national level!


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How do we get all PBL members paid for?

One of the real challenges that we are facing is that local chapters are more frequently underreporting membership and underpaying dues. They wait until they determine who is going to participate in a conference, for instance, and then pay dues only for those members. One of the real issues here is that there is essentially no effective method for detecting, or enforcing, the "pay for everyone" rule ... and there... more »


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