Update the FBLA-PBL Website

The current FBLA-PBL website provides the basic information about FBLA-PBL but does not do a good job of going beyond the basics. Many sections of the site are almost never updated and have outdated information. The website also doesn't market the experience and brand of FBLA-PBL while providing important and interesting information for members/advisers. The site needs to be redesigned to more adequately meet the needs... more »


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Competitive Events

Website Design/Development Event Reform

The Website Design competition currently allows teams to use a template instead of building a site from scratch. This competition was formerly named "Website Development", meaning that one must build their site from scratch. Filling in a template does not represent adequate knowledge of website development code, and someone who does this should not be considered over someone who worked 50+ hours building a website from... more »


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