FBLA Business Co-op Program with Cooperating Businesses

This club is for FUTURE business leaders, right? Most of the members are high schoolers who are interested in a business-related occupation. FBLA has many sponsors. So, what if FBLA can team up with their business sponsors to provide summer internship/job-shadowing for their FBLA members so they can overlook the careers they might want to pursue. That way, FBLA members can have some experience in the career before college, ...more »

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Business Achievement Awards

No Automatic Certificate

After completing the BAA's last year, it was hard when I was finishing up the America level. I finished my work, handed it in and received a certificate for completing the BAA's. Then after a few months, I noticed my name was not up on the America Level BAA's. Therefore, my adviser and I went back onto my America level BAA and noticed that it was incomplete due to doing certain tasks wrong. If I was to never recheck ...more »

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Like a real Business

Ok, so we all have been apart of our local club, changed by our advisers. How many of us have felt like we didn't have a place in our local chapter? A lot of chapters have this feeling. My idea is that we have different committees throughout the chapter. I know that we already have some of these but sometimes they don't make the difference we need. In these committees we will have; President of the Committee, Vice ...more »

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