FBLA-PBL Storyboard

Every member of FBLA-PBL has a story. Members, Advisers, and many more use these stories as inspirational tools to push their students to do better. We should have a spot somewhere for people to write in about their story and how FBLA-PBL has helped them. These stories can also be used in recruitment tools and chapter activation tools. Boards love stories that hit close to home.


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Innovation Email Addressess

As I was working on the Chapter Business Report, I needed to get information from many sources. Though, it was hard trying to contact the people I need to contact. Email is a hassle, the different screen names, the different domains, which email address is personal, which email is professional, and the list goes on. So, I propose we create email addresses. This will be for business only, and will be transferable ...more »


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